Addendum technical Article to “Autodecentric Technology”, read that first.

An Autodecentric Recursive Economy is an advanced implementation of autodecentricity (the aspect of self-decentralization). An A.R.E self-decentralizes to secure its own existence, and accomplishes that goal specifically through the mutation of external and internal asset incentives. This is one primary method autonomous software can use to attain an autodecentric state.

For an example, imagine an A.I (Artificial Intelligence) that paid humans to complete external tasks that were necessary to the A.I’s survival. This A.I would be using an A.R.E to create sustainable incentives, like an employer paying employees. The A.I utilizes its employees to act externally and facilitate the service it has created. This subsequently generates the value necessary to sustain itself.

For the first time in human history, you’re looking at pieces of software that form a company themselves, autonomously without human administration. Actions like hiring employees, paying wages, providing a service – all previously unthinkable without human management.

Bitcoin was an early attempt at an autodecentric system, although only partially successful. This is because bitcoin only offers primary incentives to some tasks directly related to the bitcoin service. Many internal tasks are entirely unrewarded, and external tasks are not directly incentivized. To this day bitcoin still requires a large amount of donated effort to sustain. creates and uses its own A.R.E, along with an arsenal of other components an A.I would leverage to remain autodecentric. These components purposely recognize and incentivize nearly every internal and external action necessary to’s own survival.

Compared to Bitcoin, creates an Autonomous Megacorporation, the likes of which have only existed in science fiction. Until now.

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  1. Teams like this push beyond the boundaries of Blockchain technology.

    1. Exactly, it’s … JUST. <3

  2. Really interesting ! I hope to be able to apply this system in my farm 🙂

  3. As allways inovative, futuristic and genius!

  4. How will early adopters of the P3D ecosystem, who have been supporting the Just movement for so long, benefit from this project?

  5. I am so proud to be apart of this.
    Welcome everyone!! Yardie, your P3d song!!!!

  6. this is simply the Best Team in the cryptocurrency space! no doubts about that!
    I love crypto, and after years of trying to find the most genius and innovative cryptocurrency around after Bitcoin (not Pump&Dumps, not Fake ICO’s, not Vaporwares, not Scammers and not Clones of Clones!)… I gladly found P3D and Team Just!
    I’m so amazed of how P3D works… that I believe it is the most underrated crypto out there! This is the infancy of a new type of money / Universal Basic Income, that will revolutionize the World as we know it! Just like Bitcoin did when it came out of the dark… but with even higher potential!

    The Future is Bright with Team Just!
    Consider yourself Just3D! 😉

  7. I was here for the meme’s and JUST so happen to discover the best crypto community with the greatest idea in the whole blockchain space. Happy to be a part of it.

  8. Wow! So interesting and boundary pushing! Happy to be here right now to watch this unfold.

  9. You guys A.R.E. so hucking funny.

    Life is a game, then you die. Make it meaningful.

  10. What a bloody ripper! Exciting times ahead!

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