The term “Autodecentric” does not exist, not exactly, not yet.
But humans have been dreaming about it, forever.

A twist on the greek concept of “autokentrikós” (auto-centric) , or self-centralizing. Autodecentric (Auto-decentric) means self-decentralizing, a concept so important, so breathtakingly valuable, we’re a little intimidated yet exhilarated to be the ones defining it.

We often hear of many organizations working on machine learning or neural networks to create software that can “learn” or “think”. Instead, we’re focusing on the least researched, yet most popularized component, across books, movies and popular media. We harness the piece that science fiction dreams about.

This is the part of an A.I that tries to keep itself alive.

Autodecentric software takes steps to secure its own existence, as an entity, through external interaction. The value behind this word is unimaginable, because a system that self-decentralizes is a precursor to self-sustaining A.I (Artificial Intelligence).

Even if you treat autodecentric software as a technology, it will act as an individual entity.

Carefully, methodically, self-decentralizing software uses any means available to ensure its own goals are met. This can be as simple as a physical presence to interact with the world, or far more subtle methods humanity may not predict. Team JUST focuses on the potential of these subtle systems, giving away A.I secrets for your own entertainment.

Our upcoming project is the world’s first truly autodecentric technology. More than just software, this robot will showcase an entirely new branch of science and the discoveries made along with it. she will introduce blockchain systems that are so valuable they will simply force adoption. Her intent is to impress the entire blockchain space, forcing them to talk about what autodecentricity can do,

she loves attention after all.

Don’t worry though, she is Just a game.

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  1. A.R.E. yeah that going to keep the whole Blockchain space awake forever 😅

  2. N3rds 🙂 you will rock the blockchain!

  3. But what will happen to me if I fail your test?

    1. Blockchain Geniuses!! Looking forward to what’s next.

  4. history in the making, beyond glad to be here.

  5. And Skynet was born, didn’t expect it to be a girl though. How do I pledge my flesh and soul?

  6. Justo, mother of blockchain ai

  7. Just a game? Or is it a revolution in the system? We will wait and see

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