About JUST

Team JUST was formed for the only reason anyone competent ever gets into cryptocurrency.

After successfully losing everything they had to a “decentralized” scam, Team JUST was founded as an ironic statement about the crushing reality of cryptocurrency investment in 2017. You simply couldn’t trust anyone.

Wondering what it would be like if you never had to. Team JUST collected members from hundreds of broken blockchain communities that had suffered similar fates, and made a promise with its first product.

Team JUST believes that the only person in charge of financially ruining yourself, should be yourself.

This comedic goal secretly captures the true spirit of blockchain. Team JUST pioneers technology that finally eliminates all third parties (even the developers themselves) from influencing how or what you do with your money.

To this end they have become a decentralization giant through irony, deleting their own influence from everything they can get their hands on.

Forget what you know about currency, It can all be rewritten.

We invent the financial technology the future has no choice but to use. Discovering and capturing hidden values possible with blockchain is our specialty. Follow us as we chase ideas the world hasn’t quite thought of yet.

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