For those among us that are excited and anxious for new updates regarding; Rest assured. I’m here to bring some much needed peace to everyone’s mind.

In short

We are closer than ever to the much anticipated mainline release.

In long

We are closer than ever to the much anticipate– actually, let me elaborate. When creating and developing completely new technologies, as TEAM JUST does, challenges that no one has ever faced cross our paths. Challenges that we cannot foresee or predict beforehand. And that in itself is fine. It is to be expected. It is what makes our products ultimately as valuable as they are.

This is not your typical development cycle that has been done hundreds of times before, as with commercial websites or videogames. So rest assured, even when you do not hear or see us post constant updates, we’re diligently resolving all the macro- and microchallenges that are necessary for JUST.GAME’s survival. This is in your best interest, needless to say.

We’d like to give you some insights of what we have in store.

In-game tutorial & knowledge database

One of F3D’s strength was its simplicity, but it was at times too non-descriptive and simple. Very few players actually understood it’s full scope of rules. We’re fixing this for JUST.GAME. Every action and rule in the game is explained in concise tutorial boxes (all of which are optional). A concern we had in doing this, was making the accessibility of these tutorials appeal to multiple demographics. This is why we decided to have several categories of complexity per subject. Want to just read the nitty gritty and get started? Then read the “beginner” tutorials – and you’re set. Want to be cutting edge? We got you covered too with our advanced sections. JUST.GAME will arm you with every detail you need to plan your strategic way to beat the curvy curve.

Fully fledged mobile client & wallet system

One of the pitfals of todays dApps is it’s relative high barrier of entry. It’s not easy to get started. You need to have knowledge about software, wallets, and crypto’s various systems. We wanted to make this easier. Because why not? We devoted a lot of time to perfect and hone the experience for newcomers into cryptocurrency, and lowered the barrier of entry to such a degree that a simple modern mobile device is enough to play the game right now. No installs required whatsoever, no knowledge about wallets is needed. You just need a phone, and any exchange account. And just like that, bam – you’re on the playing field.

Detaching from the need for TronLink or other extensions

One of the things that hold these applications back is the need for additional browser setup. Requiring your users to install foreign and unheard of extensions doesn’t sound appealing to a lot of people. And for good reason. So why not fix this? And so we did. No longer do you need anything other than a modern browser and an email address to start playing. No more browser installs needed. All while retaining the power of decentralization – you always own your own assets, never us or anyone else.

Among many other things…

we only show a fraction of what we’re working on. For obvious reasons. So while we want to, we unfortunately cannot not show much right up until point of release. We are also looking into the Binance situation and it’s relationship with TRON. I cannot say much on this publicly, but good things are to come from what I’ve gathered from some prominent individuals. No promises though, but we’re doing our part for you.

If any dApp is to go mainstream, JUST.GAME is the perfect contender with it’s unequalled arsenal of virality.

Release date to be announced very soon.

Here, a preview of the knowledge database.
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  1. Sounds great. There will still be a testnet and full whitepaper reveal before release?

    1. Awesome, can’t wait. Sign me up

      1. Glad to see the hard work iam keeping an eye on you guys and confident it will be the best dapp on MY blockchain

  2. getting so hyped I just did something in my pants

  3. Wow! Very cool! I’m so excited for the release 😍

  4. Great news guys, it feels like your very confident about this creation, you must be proud and excited yourselves?
    Personally im so happy cos it seems ive never had the good timing to get into something at the very start and grow with the project so im buzzing too. Get your Curvey out for the lads!

  5. This project is getting serious obviously, I’m pretty excited to ((earn incredible amount of money)) see more about Team JUST, keep on doing what you do guys!

  6. yes!! much excite, can’t wait for all the lib tears once we have fully autodecentralized space anti-communism ;^)

  7. Keep it up! You and your team have been phenomenal. Time will be your testament.

  8. Keep up the good work! It all sounds amazing but we need to get our hands on it ASAP 🙂

  9. 等待是苦涩的,但是它的果实是甜的。

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