• An implementation of the world’s first self-decentralizing artificial intelligence that reaches beyond the boundaries of its own software in order to sustain itself. Full whitepaper available here. JG-Whitepaper-v24-testnet-release Real Science Fiction starts now Visit

  • The largest blockchain game of 2018 and the largest blockchain lottery so far, Fomo3D was a proof of concept to auto-virality, software that if properly designed, operates in a way that facilitates itself becoming a viral internet sensation, as a function of the software itself. (This project paved the way for our later creation of […]

  • A love letter to Etherscan, Vitalik and Ethereum. Just’s 232 token ironically became the world’s most owned cryptographic asset overnight; placing a visible advertisement for our website and projects in 1.7 million unique wallets. It accomplished this by doing something that programmers simply don’t expect from any piece of software, it lied. To understand how […]

  • Feb 28th 2018, Team JUST’s public entry into the world of decentralized programming; P3D represented a colossal shift in the way tokens (cryptographically secured representations of value) were minted and handled; Even if you’ve never heard of it, you’ve seen its influence, as it created an entirely new way to handle service ownership, trustlessly and […]